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  • Health & Mental Health Policy (Undergraduate & Graduate) F2F and Hybrid

  • Introduction to Social Welfare Policy (Graduate)

  • Policy Advocacy/Action (Undergraduate & Graduate) F2F and Online

  • Introduction to Research Methods I (Graduate)

  • Evaluating Practice, Research II (Graduate)
  • Capstone Research Experience (Graduate)

  • Human Behavior & the Social Environment I (Graduate)

  • Human Behavior & the Social Environment II (Graduate)

  • Advanced Seminar in Child Maltreatment Fatalities (Graduate)

  • Mending Broken Families: Policy & Programatic Interventions for Divorced & Disrupted Families (Graduate)

  • Child Welfare (Graduate)

  • Applied Research (Graduate) Hybrid

  • Directed Study in Child Welfare (Undergraduate)

  • Honors Colloquium in Death by Abuse or Neglect (Undergraduate)

  • Introduction to Sociology (Undergraduate)

  • Self & Society (Undergraduate)

  • Social Problems (Undergraduate)

  • Statistics in Sociology (Undergraduate)

  • Family Programs & Policies (Undergraduate)

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