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Fatal Child Maltreatment


Fatal child maltreatment is one of my major areas of study. I have examined trends, changes in policy, state-level correlates, child fatality review teams, national datasets, and the intersection of child welfare professionals with maltreatment fatalities.  When I was in graduate school, I worked for a child fatality review team, which is what prompted my interest in this subject area.

I have published more work in this area than any other scholar, worldwide. I am eager to learn about new data sets, talk to practitioners in the community, offer trainings, engage in consultation, and more. I also provide distance-based lectures/talks for students. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or would like to schedule a workshop, etc. 

You can add your name to a contact list if you are interested in being kept up to date about my continuing work on fatal child maltreatment. Click here to do so. Thank you for your interest!


Child Welfare Profession and Fatal Child Maltreatment Fact Sheets

Issue 1—Child Welfare Workers’ Knowledge of Risk Factors for Maltreatment Fatalities

Issue 2—Child Welfare Workers Who Experience the Death of a Child Client

Issue 3—The Case, Service, and Family Characteristics of Children Who Die from Maltreatment

Issue 4—Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms Among Child Welfare Workers Who Experience the Death of a Client




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